The firm

Jacques Attali founded Attali & Associés in 1994. Attali & Associés  brings together all the requisite skills – economic, financial, geopolitical, technological, and ecological – to assist governments, companies and investment funds in developing their long-term strategies and their decision-making.

Our Approach

Anticipating and adapting to tomorrow's challenges ...

No investment, no strategic choice can be made in the public or private sector without taking into account the medium, long and very long term evolution of the human, geopolitical, competitive, technological, economic, political, social and ecological environment of the entity that has to make this decision. Attali & Associés provides these analyses in the most specific fields, to governments, companies and investment funds, and supports these clients in the implementation of its recommendations.

... in all strategic areas ...

Attali & Associés assists public and private clients on all continents in strategic sectors such as energy, food processing, new technologies, distribution, real estate, etc. A&A's work brings together the best of global strategic and prospective analysis, with a particular focus on monitoring the technologies of the day after tomorrow, such as artificial intelligence and biomimicry and their impact on key sectors of the economy of life.

... by relying on a global network of experts

Attali & Associés accompanies its clients, public and private, on all continents, and relies in its action on a powerful global network of academic and technical experts, which is constantly expanding.

Our Expertise

Strategy and development consulting

The firm offers its clients customized consulting services, adapted to their needs and to the global challenges they have to adapt to: prospective analysis, macroeconomic, financial, political, geopolitical, competitive, country risk, strategic development plans, decision-making assistance, operational support, etc. 

Mergers and acquisitions

Thanks to its solid network and in-depth sector expertise, Attali & Associés brings together all the skills required to design and implement M&A transactions.
In this context, Attali & Associés assists its clients in :
• Researching and contacting potential acquisition targets, potential acquirers in case of disposal, and/or investors in case of changes in the shareholding structure;
• Structuring the transaction and the equity story;
• Accompany them during the various phases of the negotiation.

Consulting Team

Jacques Attali

Jacques Attali has a PhD in Economics, is graduated from Polytechnique, a State Councillor, and a professor of economics at several universities. Special advisor to the President of the Republic François Mitterrand during ten years, he is the founder of four international institutions: Action Contre la Faim, Eureka, EBRD, Positive Planet. He founded Attali & Associés in 1994. He is the author of more than 80 books sold 10 million copies translated into 22 languages. Jacques Attali has written more than 1000 op-eds in the magazines L’Express and Les Echos, of which he is now one of the editorialists. He regularly conducts orchestras throughout the world.

Clément Lamy

Executive Director

Mederic Masse

Deputy Director

Yannis Bekhti

Senior Strategy and Policy Advisor


Senior Strategy and Policy Advisor

François Coroler

Senior Strategy and Policy Advisor

Floriane Benichou

Senior Strategy and Policy Advisor

Pierre Plasmans

Senior Strategy and Policy Advisor

Eléonore de Marnhac

Strategy and Policy Advisor

Guillaume Dupont

Strategy and Policy Advisor

Léo Audurier

Strategy and Policy Advisor

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Venture Capital

Promote innovation for the economy of life

A&A invests in emerging companies that are pioneers on their fields on tomorrow’s issues and that are socially and/or environmentally useful. A&A's portfolio includes start-ups in the information technology, environmental, life sciences and cultural property sectors. A&A places its trust in the management teams as well as in their projects.

Strategic support from the beginning of the project

A&A generally invests in the beginning of a project and in the first round of financing. A&A then provides long-term support to these companies in their growth strategy. A&A identifies and actively pursues new commercial, financial and strategic opportunities with the entrepreneurs with whom it partners.

A unique collaboration, in the middle of a group of experts

Accompanied start-ups then join a real ecosystem of experts and highly qualified professionals, animated during regular events, made of meetings, conferences, at the highest level, etc.

They have chosen A&A as partners:

A&A to support you

You want A&A support the development of your start-up? To submit your application, please send a short presentation by e-mail to 

Jérémie Attali

VC Director


51 bis rue de Miromesnil, 75008 Paris

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